The Internet

We have been learning about the internet in CSI

Here for DIT?


The user is the person using the device


A browser is a program that helps the user connect to the web so you can see different pages


A device is the machine that the user uses and controlls


isp is short for internet service provider and the internet service provider (isp) provide subscribers with connection to the internet

Web Page

A web page is a location on the internet where you can find information, images, videos and other kinds of text

Word Wide Web

The world wide web is a information system which allows documents and pages to be connected to each other


packets are the broken up pieces of a file being transported across the internet, if one of the pieces doesent show up than the devise sends a signal that says that one of the packets hasent arrived and that makes the location where the file is coming fromk resend the packet.


Fiber Optic cable

Fiber optic cables are faster than cobalt cables for connecting to the internet and work by transfering light signals which can be given different angles so you can recieve multiple things at once.


Networks are links between devices that use the internet to connect to each other so they can recieve and send data in a area


a webserver is a system that uses HTTP to give the files that form the web pages to the users




The url stands for Uniform resourse location and can be found at the top of the screen

My neocities url